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Accept reservations from your website or social network

Business site management

Easy management for adding new sites or editing existing ones, without number limit.
Staff management menu, from which you can add new employees, machines and receptionists.
For each created personal profile you have different settings: Descriptions, photos, recognizable color for reservations in the online calendar, different wage rules: hard, hard + percentage, at reached speed. Individual options for specific services.
You can also set up individual access for each employee, so he can monitor the overall schedule and manage his own.
Menu for managing the working hours of the current employees in your sites.
The working time module has two main functions:
1. Standard working hours according to the days of the week.
2. Work schedule in shifts, from it you choose how much an employee works.
In both functions you can select a specific time range for the working day.
You have the option to set rest hours for each working time, and when you have defined such, the given employee will not be able to receive reservations.
A menu from which you can plan the holidays of your employees.
When you plan a vacation for an employee, his online calendar will not be able to receive reservations for the same period of time.
Create and edit receptionist accounts that have limited features only on, the online calendar, customer base, and daily turnover statistics.
This is the menu that helps you add and manage your services.
When adding a new service, you have the following options:
Name, Short description, full description, photo material, duration in minutes, minimum price, maximum price, selection of site for a given service, association of employees, option whether the service is offered for online reservation and whether the price is public.
From this menu you choose which service belongs to which category, for example: if your business is SPA & amp; Wellness you create a category & quot; Body & quot; and add to it the services that take care of the body.
You can create countless categories and services.
From this module you can manage employee salaries.
You have an active calendar for selecting a time period and a filter per employee.
For each employee you have real statistics for the minutes, hours and days worked by him.
Based on the criteria you set for the salary of an employee, the system will show you detailed statistics:
Total salary for the period you set, Working days, Salary on a fixed wage, Salary as a percentage of turnover, Do you have partial payments, as well as the balance for additional payment.
You also have the option of paying extra honors, through which you enter the amounts paid to the employee.
A module with statistics on the amounts paid to your employees.
This module is also accessible from the personal access of the specialists themselves, so that they have a real idea of how their extra honored payments are moving.
Package services: This option allows you to make a campaign for multiple visits at a better price, for example: 10 full body massages for BGN 500. instead of 700.
Promo packages: This module allows you to create services that are specific and can last for several days and be linked to more than one visit. For example: & quot; Belly Tightening Promo Package & quot; duration 5 days, short description, full description of the procedure, category & quot; weight loss & quot ;, possibility for additional price options such as: transport & quot; + BGN 100.00 & quot ;, accommodation, etc. It is often used for & quot; Health Tourism & quot; packages.
Discount groups: Here you create your discount customer groups for example: VIP -20%, standard - 10%, you add customers from your customer base to each group and when you charge through the system the respective customer receives in advance the discount given to him.
Free visits: In case you want your clients to receive free visits for example: with 3 full body massages bonus free facial spa therapy. Gift Vouchers: Option to generate gift vouchers with different amounts and periods of use, they are associated with a person from your customer base and thus, when you make an appointment for him when charging the system knows how to post your turnover.
A module that allows you to chat with customers from your customer base.
From this module you manage your entire customer base. Each profile is equipped with the following tabs:
Personal information: the place where you post phone, e-mail, names, date of birth, option for SMS notification and blocking of user. Also here is where your user can agree to your general terms, which guarantees your GDPR rights.
Gallery module: allows you to create an archive of photos in order to track the effect of procedures or build a portfolio.
Recommended specialists: this option allows each of your clients to have a recommended specialist.
Notes: The section that will help you record important information about your client.
Discounts, Package services, Free visits and vouchers.
Virtual card with barcode and QR in case you offer such a check in at your site.
History of past procedures: here the system reflects the entire history of your client for past procedures and promotional preferences used.
There are several types of calendars available to suit your business.
The calendars have monthly, weekly, daily, comparative and employee views.
The calendar offers the ability to record hours with reservations for each employee or machine.
Each reservation is extremely easy to make in just 3 easy steps and takes no more than 30 seconds for a new customer and no more than 10 seconds for an existing customer.
Step 1, choose a service;
Step 2 choose the specialist, day and time;
Step 3 Choose your customer from the customer base (you have an intuitive search engine) or create a new customer and your reservation is ready.

Each hour recorded in your calendar is actually a valid receipt, to which you can add additional services that can even be performed by different employees, so your customer can be served with multi-services.

We have built in the virtual receipt for quick options to the notes to the client profile, access to the client profile itself or an option for a missing client.
When you finish the class, use the & quot; charge & quot; the system automatically adds the amount to your daily turnover and distributes the fees to the service staff.
In case you need to refund a customer, the system has an option & quot; Complaint & quot ;, which must be confirmed by the password of the manager of your site.

When serving a customer who came without a reservation, you have an option for & quot; fast charging & quot ;, which allows you to keep track of your turnover and keep your checkout up to date.

You have a set of tools in the calendar navigation bar:
Stop playing sound notifications, Notification of online hours recorded by customers, fast charging, schedule, new time, customer base, adding customer, checklist of your staff, which shows which employee is on shift and if you have an employee on leave when will be his first working day, also from this checklist you can stop or start the working hours of an employee in case he left earlier so that the system can correctly calculate his salary.

When you stop an employee's business hours, the system stops the option to record hours in their calendar.

The online calendar also allows you to check which employee has what working hours and when he gives shifts, in which sites and what are the recorded hours to him.

You also have a drag and drop option that allows you to easily move customer reservations from one specialist to another.

You also have a different indication to the client's reservations, whether a certain receipt is charged, whether the client who made the reservation uses promo services or whether this client is in your site for the first time.
The online calendar also shows you quick inquiries, how many hours you have recorded, how many of them are charged, how many of the charged hours are in the process of complaint.
An extremely useful module will give you the ability to send advertising messages to your customers, as well as track the history of sent SMS messages and the amount you spend on all sent messages.
There is an option for mass messaging, a good option for notifying customers about new services and promotions.
The built-in marketing analytics tool gives you the perfect opportunity to monitor how your business is growing.
The system supports various metrics for analysis by:
Turnovers, Customer visits, Method of recorded hours, Customers, Employees Services, etc.

Real-time SMS and E-mail notification

& quot; Fashion Point & quot; offers a flexible method for notification by e-mail or SMS, for upcoming, edited or canceled reservations.

Android and iOS app

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