Online Calendar for reservations

The fastest and easiest to use calendar for managing customer reservations and tasks in real time with the ability to charge for services.

1. Choose a service, 2. Choose a specialist and date, 3. Choose a client

Manage and synchronize all your reservations in real time through "Fashion Point"

If you are looking for a good booking management solution with flexible and adaptive capabilities, Fashion Point is just for you.

Our software is reliable and completely secure and is used by many industries such as: studios, spas, beauty salons, doctors, clinics and more.

We are constantly developing and improving it in order to have even better control over the business, even more time saved, easier management for employees and customers.

Fashion Point is the best notebook you can have

Manage reservations with an unlimited amount of data and have opportunities that will improve your business visibly!

You start working with Fashion Point so easily that it's as if it has always been your partner.

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