For your business objects

You can manage: Staff schedule, Reception, Salaries, Services, Warehouse inventory, Promotions, Client base with files.

What Fashion Point offers for your business

Schedule management system that is flexible and fits the needs of your sites and business chain

Creating a schedule with unlimited data management capabilities for the entire number of sites, employees and customers.

A completely personalized solution for online reservations through your website, Facebook page or mini website, which is received by each of our clients.

Everything is synchronized in real time no matter where the bookings come in and are saved. Everyone knows everything right now.

The options your business chain needs to make sure everything is okay

Lightning fast access to all real-time data,
information about reservations, statistics, warehouses salaries and reports, information about employees and customers.

Want to know which employee or site works best? You have the information in such a way that you get clarity immediately. You have everything you need to create a view on the subject.

The schedule is shared with employees who may also have limited capabilities.

All information is synchronized in real time between all devices, phones, tablets, computers, as well as Facebook, your website or the free mini website that we give you as a gift during your registration.

Manage and notify your customers with just one click

No restrictions on your customer accounts added to the system

No restrictions on the completed customer information

No restrictions for sent SMS notifications

No restrictions on sent e-mail notifications

Integration and starting work with "Fashion Point"

Our specialists quickly and easily integrate the software into your sites without you even noticing.

All you have left is the pleasure of using the product.

You will be able to accept orders from Facebook, your website and an internally specialized platform of "Fashion Point", without the need for expensive modifications.

GDPR Protection for your data

Fashion Point protects and manages the personal data you enter in accordance with the strict directives of the European Union. All information is 100% encrypted in real time as you enter it.

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