Beauty salons: the challenges for small businesses

The challenges for small business in the Beauty segment

Beauty salons: the challenges for small businesses

Working in the field of services is a serious challenge. Anyone who has taken on the daunting task of running their own business - alone or with partners - is aware that the struggle for survival is a reality every day. And while this is valid in all areas of business in Bulgaria, we at FASHIONPOINT will try to address some important topics concerning the management of beauty salons.

Many of our dear clients and partners, who have entrusted us with the management of their online reservations, work in the field of beauty treatments. More and more salons for hairdressing, cosmetics, manicure, piercing and tattoo studios, solariums, fitness centers and others are taking advantage of our innovative digital services to manage their reservations and book appointments.

Working closely with the managers of these sites, we face every day and together solve various problems and challenges in the work and development of small business.

For you, we have outlined some of the biggest challenges that small business owners and managers face on their way to success.

Good planning

Although pre-planning is a logical step, you will be surprised how many people suddenly find themselves in the position of managers or owners of a site. This can happen in different ways and for different reasons: change of management, buying / selling a business, approving a loan… whether creating your own salon is the fulfillment of a long-held dream, a chance you do not want to miss or a sudden turnaround of events - always approach with careful advance planning.

Write down the steps you need to take immediately, consider the ones you want to take in the next few months. Think about and discuss with partners what is best to do and prioritize the most pressing and strategic business tasks. This will save you a lot of stress and last but not least - money!


The concept of your business is what sets you apart from others. Maybe you want to build a site that offers a variety of services (wide profile), or specialize only in what you really like and give yourself (narrow profile). Every successful endeavor needs a solid foundation and your concept will allow you to develop and establish yourself in a sustainable and professional way.


The location of the physical site is of great importance, but not every start-up business has the resources to rent a salon in the city center or in the best and strategic location. Regardless of the limitations, try to get the best opportunities from the place that is achievable and that you can afford at the moment. Subsequently, this may be at your service, especially if you manage to offer something that has so far been missing in the life of the city, neighborhood or street on which you will open your salon!


The look of your business is your business card to new customers. Choose a professional to help you develop a memorable vision of both the site itself and the promotional materials. Contrary to expectations - this step is not necessarily prohibitively expensive. Use your own resources and ideas to achieve a memorable vision and something distinctive that people will remember you with!

Equipment and automation

One of the most serious investments when starting a business in the field of beauty procedures is the equipment for the salon. This step can be costly unless you have some of the things you need in advance.

Our clients share various little secrets that in the beginning helped them achieve good results with minimal resources. Look for advantageous offers for second-hand equipment from sites that close or move to a new location. Look for profitable financing for you or distribute the burden of the purchase among several professionals to work in the salon, for a discount on rent or another type of arrangement that is beneficial to all. Leave room for growth - you may prefer to invest only in what you need first to get started, and then upgrade your existing equipment.

Even the best-equipped facility has no return if it does not attract a steady stream of customers. To do this, pay attention to key steps such as marketing, advertising and proper presentation. Look for opportunities for an online booking system with which your customers can easily and seamlessly book a free time.

FASHIONPOINT offers a complete innovative digital service that will take the management and constant talking on the phone off your shoulders. Your clients save an hour with one click, while you can pay attention to other important things in your immediate work.

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