Anti-aging: Can we stop aging

Anti-aging procedures or how to address skin aging

Anti-aging: Can we stop aging

The topic of anti-aging therapy and supportive procedures is extremely relevant in the field of beauty care, but it is only a small part of the overall picture. Every professional working in the field sooner or later is faced with the concept of slowing down aging. Through the prism of cosmetology, anti-aging most often concerns a purposeful influence on the aging processes of the skin, but in a more general sense, the topic has many different, but increasingly important dimensions.

Skin aging and how to address it

Skin aging is a complex natural biological process that takes place in a certain way. It is influenced by a combination of endogenous (internal) and exogenous (external) factors.

Internal (homogeneous) factors

  • genetic factors
  • cellular metabolism
  • hormonal processes
  • metabolic processes (metabolism)

External (exogenous) factors

  • exposure to UV radiation
  • pollution
  • ionizing radiation
  • exposure to chemicals
  • toxins

The cumulative effect of these factors leads to structural and physiological changes in each layer of the skin. This, in turn, results in certain changes in its appearance, especially visible in those areas where the skin is most often exposed to sunlight.

The medical perspective of the fight against aging

Among the key goals of biogerontology are to understand the biology of aging and to turn scientific knowledge into a consistent clinically tested methodology to improve overall health with age, as well as to offer up-to-date options for controlling and slowing visible aging.

From the point of view of cosmetology, anti-aging strategies are focused mainly on the external expression of the aging process. A number of procedures are used in combination with diet and / or food supplements

In recent years, anti-aging strategies are among the fastest growing specialties in both the field of wellness and medicine. In this, of course, there is a logical pattern - the average life expectancy is extended. In addition to the increasing number of people over the age of 60-65, middle-aged people are increasingly active and strive to maintain their good physical, mental and functional condition.

Prevention and health

All current methods that help us to resist diseases and processes that worsen the quality of life in old age also have a preventive purpose. As in everyday life, aesthetic care professionals work to improve the appearance and therefore the self-confidence of their clients, so doctors, scientists and researchers race against time to prevent disease from depriving us of the beautiful moments of vitality and enjoyment of life. .

Anti-aging in cosmetology and beauty procedures

Procedures and preparations that slow down aging and reduce its consequences address the negative consequences of degenerative processes or seek to prevent them. Stimulating the body's regenerative forces in various ways can help efforts in this direction.

In the process of skin aging, the processes of collagen and elastin protein synthesis slow down. This changes its elasticity and precedes the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation disorders. Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) is a naturally occurring substance synthesized in the body that regulates the strength and freshness of the skin. Anti-aging cosmetics are often based on Q10, which has a positive effect on skin aging.

Prevent skin aging

The earlier we take action, the better results we can expect. Undergoing procedures for skin tone and elasticity alleviates the effects of aging and the negative effects of the environment.

The arsenal of anti-aging treatments and products also includes hyaluronic acid and collagen, L-carnitine and creatine.

Some of the most popular specialized anti-aging cosmetic procedures are peeling, lifting and mesotherapy.

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