Business identity, feedback and customer satisfaction

Possibilities for customized customer feedback tools are among the biggest advantages of working with Fashion Point

Business identity, feedback and customer satisfaction

In the management of aesthetic business, working with clients is one of the biggest challenges. How to attract more people to your practice and turn them into loyal customers? A few basic steps will help you rethink your workflow and concept to get the most out of your business.

Your business identity in the aesthetic industry

How is your business different from the competition in the field? The potential of proper presentation of your company and activity should not be underestimated. Positioning your services in the market allows you to develop your own niche and provide a permanent clientele both by word of mouth and through marketing strategies and well-planned advertising.

An online presence is of paramount importance. Bet on a unified vision (logo, corporate colors, tone of communication) in all your channels - website, social networks, profiles in specialized databases, portals, etc.

The identity of your business is not limited to advertising - in the aesthetic industry, a positive impression and good reviews can be even more effective and lasting in terms of paid advertising. The first impression is the most important, so it is very important that your potential customers can find you easily and be able to book an appointment without difficulty.

Fashion Point helps you to be easily accessible and flexible for your clients - they find you with ease and plan meetings with your team of professionals 24/7. You can easily integrate the reservation management system according to your preferred method of ordering and booking hours - through your website, Facebook page or your reservation profile in our platform.

Feedback from your customers

Customer feedback can be a powerful tool for learning about market opportunities and accurate targeting. By knowing your customers, you can successfully manage the progress and development of your business.

In the field of services, the collection of customer feedback has undeniable positives that can affect the improvement of your services and attract new customers. The feedback gives you opportunities for planning, development of future projects and updating the range of services offered.

With Fashion Point, customer information is synthesized and analyzed with ease. This is a dynamic software product, specially developed for the management of aesthetic business and aimed at the owners and managers of beauty salons and related businesses. The system offers you unique flexible options for collecting, managing and synthesizing information for your customers.

With Fashion Point you can use your internal system of customer tags, which help you to group customers by a given attribute and make a special offer or exclusive discount for them through a variety of communication channels.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for any self-respecting business that wants to grow and be successful. The possibilities for personalized customer feedback tools are among the biggest advantages of working with Fashion Point. Individual attention to each client, current feedback after receiving a service, email communication and specialized questionnaires, client surveys - the possibilities for collecting and managing information are unlimited.

However, customer feedback is not just about their validation and good opinion of the product or service you offer. A variety of metrics that your customers can share with you gives you a complete picture that can be used for precise planning, statistics, implementation of new services, or service improvement. Once you know the attitudes and needs of your market segment, you can effectively update your portfolio to fully satisfy your regular customers and attract new ones.

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