Satisfied customer is the best advertisement

Do you run a successful beauty salon? Here's how to take it to the next level!

Satisfied customer is the best advertisement

Your site has a well-trained team of professionals who attract customers with their excellent skills and predispose them to come back to you. Do you run a beauty salon that has a constant flow of clients, is self-sufficient and even works for profit, but your ambitions do not stop there? Excellent!

Your business can be truly successful only when you overcome the birth pangs of start-up and the initial turmoil of adaptation.

What is hidden on the next level?

Let's admit that the competition in the field of services is fierce, especially in the beauty segment! Hairdressing salons, manicures, solariums, multifunctional centers, even separate places in large fitness centers are really attractive startups for many young and dynamic professionals, managers and investors. Although the management of a beauty salon is still considered a "small business", let your ambitions and aspirations for development not remain in this narrow column.

How to improve the work and organization in your salon and take your business to the next level?

We offer you several ideas and tips, dictated by the practice of our valuable clients and long-term partners who are developing some of the most successful sites in the field.

Satisfied customer is the most expensive advertisement

The recommendation given by a satisfied customer is always the most effective and sustainable way to attract new customers to your salon and site. Regular channels of communication and advertising remain important, but the investment in expanding the range and improving direct services always comes back to you in the form of new customers and partners.

Sometimes the smallest gesture to the client will make him feel valued, important and wanted. The special attitude and exclusivity of the services is often what we are willing to pay even more expensive than usual!

Always think in perspective

The difference between a small and a truly successful business is precisely in the scale - in one case you sell a service, and in the second - you sell a name! Of course, we are talking about profit, but also about long-term plans, sustainability, empowerment and influence ...

Word of mouth - how to attract the right customers

Satisfied customers will recommend you to their friends - there are no two opinions about it! Be proactive and encourage an existing customer base to tell about you and your salon.

An interactive system for bonuses, discounts or additional free services, as well as vouchers can stimulate the increase in the flow of customers, if this is your goal. If at the moment it is more important for you to keep the feeling of exclusivity and to be sure that you will reach a specific clientele - enter membership cards with different levels of access and preferences. Often the key to success is a combination of these two approaches.

Make your customers part of something bigger

All customers are important and valuable - even those who will only come to your salon once! However, caring for loyal customers must be at a high level if you want to build a successful brand and loyal followers of your line. Respect and occasionally court your customers. Especially those who keep coming back to you!

If you use a variant of the idea with membership cards, you will also need a system through which to take into account the services and the types of discounts or preferences that customers use. For this purpose, you can take advantage of the Fashion Point account system, which allows you to customize the card of each client. Our product can be optimized to meet your specific requirements.

Customer base management

The right salon maintenance software will save you hours of work, tedious paperwork and the risk of losing information. Fashion Point offers a system that allows you to manage the turnover and flow of reservations through an integrated online-based platform, developed specifically for the needs of your type of business.

We have designed a specialized module for you, which allows you to easily and efficiently manage your entire customer base. Each user profile is equipped with different information fields that can be adapted specifically for your salon and business:

Personal information

Phone, email, names, date of birth, SMS notification and user blocking option, agreement to your terms and GDPR


Dynamic photo archive with which you can track the progress or effect of procedures, as well as build a constantly updated portfolio

Recommended specialists

Each of your clients can have their own recommended or preferred specialist in the site to take care of him

Notes field

Various bookmarks regarding working with clients. This information allows you to always be up to date with the progress, needs and desires of customers, which is an indispensable advantage

With Fashion Point you can also easily manage different information segments such as:

• Discounts
• Package services
• Free visits
• Vouchers
• Virtual card with barcode and QR
• On-site check-in system
• History of past procedures

All these elements can help you take your salon management to the next, truly professional level of work!

Use technology to your advantage and create attractive content on social networks

Last but not least, always make the most of the latest trends in social media. Beauty salons are quoted a lot on networks like Facebook and especially a lot on Instagram. Tell short but memorable stories in your profiles, and carefully and tastefully have an advertising element.

Everyone loves to feel part of something unique and exclusive, so always strive to connect the right users to your online community.

The fan table on the Internet is not everything, in this case it is more important to show the best face of your salon and brand.

Expect more fresh ideas for the development of your business on the Fashion Point website!

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