Aesthetic procedures for men

What are the modern trends and how the beauty segment is changing

Aesthetic procedures for men

Hair removal and beauty procedures are being developed and the client base in the beauty segment is constantly expanding. Aesthetic procedures specifically for men are becoming more and more popular, and among the most sought-after services - in one form or another - is hair removal.

Many owners and managers of beauty centers and beauty salons report an increase in demand for services for men. We already know that the trend is not only sustainable, but intensifying - more and more procedures are offered for the stronger sex, and worldwide research shows that men are spending more and more different procedures - from the gold standard - barber and hairdressing services to specialized aesthetic procedures such as hair removal, peeling, laser, etc.

Since the beginning of the century, men's interest in aesthetic procedures (including laser hair removal) has increased by over 45%. Allied Market Research recently provided public information from a global study of the aesthetic services market, according to which men's services will generate more than $ 166 million in turnover in the next year.

Until recently, aesthetic procedures were considered an all-female segment. However, in 2021, US studies show that men spend 13% more money than women on hair removal and procedures such as rejuvenation and body shaping. Trends predict that by 2030, men will occupy up to 30% of all users of aesthetic services worldwide.

In conditions of growing competition and global market growth in the beauty segment, many business owners and managers in the field of aesthetic procedures are looking to enrich their catalog with a variety of services specifically targeted at men!

What are the most popular aesthetic procedures for men today

Hair removal

As in many other areas, men approach practical and practical procedures. It is often not just a matter of vanity, but of comfort and necessity. Excessive hair creates problems for many men, and modern hair removal methods allow many men to get rid of unwanted hair in delicate and hard-to-reach areas - most often the back and legs, but also the chin and neck area.

Laser hair removal is becoming an increasingly popular method for men, thanks to the excellent and long-lasting results in problem areas such as the chest, abdomen and back. Classic methods such as waxing and shaving are painful, time consuming and create problems with frequent application. Many clients prefer to undergo 5 to 10 procedures to solve their problems for a long time or permanently.

Hair loss procedures

Many beauty centers offer specialized hair loss care - a range of services that are attractive to many men with this problem. One of the popular techniques is the so-called PRP therapy - considered a standard protocol for stimulating hair growth, often in combination with mesotherapy. A combination of vitamin mesotherapy cocktails with amino acids, stem cells and a variety of active ingredients are infused to further stimulate hair follicles. The right combination of methods aims to improve the blood supply to the scalp and to stimulate and activate the growth of healthy hair (including after transplantation).

Botox for men

Botulinum toxin injection procedures aim to relax muscles and soften fine lines and wrinkles in men, but the use of Botox is far from the purely aesthetic side of things.

Excessive sweating procedures

The treatment of hyperhidrosis is a sought-after procedure in many specialized centers - it uses muscle relaxants to treat conditions of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Increased sweating may be pronounced all over the body or localized (palms, feet, armpits, forehead and back). By introducing botulinum toxin into problem areas, profuse sweating is significantly reduced to normal levels. The result is relatively lasting - on average between 6 and 9 months.

Fillers and beauty treatments for men

A variety of procedures are available to refresh the eye contour, as well as to enlarge the chin or shape the jaw line. To achieve the "ideal" embossed, pronounced and angular male chin, various methods of emphasizing with the help of fillers are used.

Face and body procedures for men

Men are increasingly resorting to laser therapies for skin problems such as active acne or to treat and remove scars. Hardware procedures for face and body are also becoming increasingly popular among men. These are the procedures for tightening the contour of the face, removing the double chin, contouring the jaw, melting fat deposits on the body, intensive modeling of the body in the areas of the buttocks, abdomen and legs.

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