FashionPoint: Management of aesthetic clinics and centers

The concept of FashionPoint is simple and effective: we offer everything you need to manage and develop your aesthetic business in a single application.

FashionPoint: Management of aesthetic clinics and centers

The field in which we develop the innovative software product for management of aesthetic practices, clinics and centers FashionPoint is among the most dynamically developing segments in the beauty business.

We know that our customers need fast and extremely easy to use software to help the owners, managers and employees of aesthetic centers, clinics, spa & wellness sites easily and immediately improve service and accountability.

FashionPoint offers a new generation of digital management, with capabilities for fully automated processes in serving customer visits with multiple options for individual configuration.

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How does FashionPoint work?

The concept of FashionPoint is simple and effective: we offer everything you need to manage and develop your aesthetic business in a single application.

Thanks to our solid expertise in the field, we have created a CRM / ERP based unified management system, designed specifically for the needs of businesses working with reservations, through which a large flow of customers passes. The FashionPoint system is suitable and widely applicable for dermatological clinics, laser-aesthetic centers, dental clinics and offices, medical and health centers, spa & wellness facilities, doctors, beauticians, manicurists, make-up artists, hairdressers, barbers and many others.

Adequate and high quality service is the key to success for our customers and partners in these businesses. With the help of FashionPoint you have all the information about your activities - immediately, in real time.

What does FashionPoint offer?

  • Creating individual customer profiles;
  • Reservation management;
  • Automatic management and coordination of specialists, offices, devices and storage consumables;
  • Electronic informed consents with the possibility for signature by the device: telephone, tablet, computer;
  • Sales of services, package visits, goods on payment, customer financial balances, inventory;
  • Automatic filling of data and parameters on specialized invasive, non-invasive and hardware files;
  • Media gallery for adding video and photo material during the procedure and after it;
  • Cash: income and expenses;
  • Survey system;
  • Automated reminders for repeat visits (birthdays, repeat procedures, upcoming bookings, inactive customers, etc.);
  • Notification via SMS, Viber, Push notification, Email;
  • Integrated "MailChimp" for automated sending of advertising campaigns by e-mail;
  • Marketing and remarketing to increase sales;
  • Reference;
  • Analyzes;
  • Real-time online reservations;
  • Customer access;
  • Business management with more than one site;
  • Integration into your website, Facebook and Instagram account.

How to get the most out of the potential of your FashionPoint business?

The introduction of a unified online system for managing recorded hours, in which your customer data allows you to accurately plan and better service is an indispensable helper to improve working conditions.

You get the ability to process and analyze data that works in your favor. You can easily automate various activities, analyze processes, improve service and manage team occupancy, punctuality of deliveries, cash receipts, next hour booking, follow-up customer feedback and much more.

With FashionPoint you receive constantly updated current information, analyze the immediate results and challenges facing your business, while relying on guaranteed proper reporting.

Easily manage orders, record hours, record visits from package services, redirect tasks and the overall interaction between different sites, departments or business units within the company.

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