How to sell more bookings online - manage every aspect of your business

Online sale of package services and reservations

How to sell more bookings online - manage every aspect of your business

Online sale of package services and reservations

The management of the customer base in the segment of services is among the most fruitful practices for increasing the attendance and the formation of a loyal customer base. To achieve this, small and medium-sized businesses can rely mainly on precise targeting and personal attitude.

An important step towards such a development is the integration of a unified company system that allows you to manage the data of your reservations in real time. At the same time, however, once integrated, such software optimization can be even more successful if you can easily organize your advertising with it.

"Fashion Point" offers a specially designed module for managing the entire customer base, in which each user and customer of your services has its own unique profile.

In this account you have the basic data of your users:

  • unique code or name
  • personal GDPR information (date of birth, name)
  • telephone
  • e-mail

You can use tags to differentiate different customer groups with the option of SMS notification and user blocking. User registration can be done through your website or mobile application, and your employees with the appropriate rank have the right to enter and edit the data. Also here is where your user can agree to your terms and conditions, which guarantees your GDPR rights.

Manage every aspect of your business

To successfully manage your customer base you also have a variety of functionalities

  • Gallery module: allows you to create an archive of photos in order to track the effect of procedures or build a portfolio.
  • recommended specialists: this option allows each of your clients to have a recommended specialist.
  • notes: the section that will help you record important information about your client.
  • discounts, package services, free visits and vouchers.
  • virtual card with barcode and QR in case you offer such a check in at your site.
  • history of past procedures: here the system reflects the entire history of your client for past procedures and promotional preferences used.


Software for management of sites offering services through reservation

Effective process optimization for your customers and employees. Fashion Point provides you with a solid foundation to grow your business with an effective solution for reservations and management of staff, customers and sites. Simplifies the work process, reduces unnecessary stress while having information that increases the efficiency of your teams.

Where FASHION POINT is used

Application: Beauty salons, Consultants and agencies, Health sector, Sports, SPA & Wellness, Seminars

Lightning fast access

You have access to all real-time data, booking information, statistics, warehousing salaries and reports, information for employees and customers.

Want to know which employee or site works best? You have the information in such a way that you get clarity immediately.

Personnel management
Shared schedule with employees who can have different levels of access and interaction in the panel.

Easy synchronization

You will be able to accept orders for orders from Facebook, your website and an internally specialized platform of "Fashion Point". All information is synchronized in real time between all devices, phones, tablets, computers, as well as Facebook, your website or the free mini website that we give you as a gift during your registration.

  • No restrictions on your customer accounts added to the system
  • No restrictions on the completed customer information
  • No restrictions for sent SMS notifications
  • No restrictions on sent e-mail notifications

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