Book hours online - benefits and practices

Resource management with online appointment management for Beauty Salons, Consultants and Agencies, Health Practices and Restaurants, Sports, SPA & Wellness, Seminars.

Book hours online - benefits and practices

If you are faced with the challenge of organizing and managing work in a site with a similar focus, then you know very well that convenience and efficiency are a requirement of both parties - both the client and the staff.

Pre-booking classes online is an increasingly preferred form of work for hairdressing salons, manicures, solariums, fitness and others, especially in times of global pandemic, requiring strict hygiene measures and social distancing.

For you, Fashion Point offers a set of software solutions to utilize the full potential of your business. We offer a solid foundation to grow your business like never before.

What is the perfect solution for reservations and management of staff, customers and sites?

Undoubtedly, complete solutions that cover more vital aspects of your business will also help to achieve more complex results, better organization of time in the gym or site, more efficient management of staff employment and enough time for routine preparation. , cleaning and disinfection, etc.

One of the best practices in the segment is the introduction of a unified online system for managing recorded hours, in which the data of your customers to work for better service, tracking the history of procedures and the ability to communicate on a selected channel (phone, email ).

A single software solution designed with your needs in mind is of paramount importance for the proper functioning of applications.
Making classes online allows you to simplify the work process and greatly facilitates and standardizes the personal information received by your current and future customers.

What does the business gain from the introduction of a unified system for processing requests and customer database?

With our intelligent online booking system, you can achieve greater productivity and better resource management for your business.

Manage your team more easily, including remotely, by planning shifts and occupancy based on requests received through an intuitive interface accessible to desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Fewer canceled hours

With the help of automatic reminder messages at a certain interval before the booked hour, they will help you to minimize the missed hours, as well as to cancel in time and release a certain hour.

Orders 24/7

You can receive new reservations at any time of the day, regardless of the opening hours of the site.

Convenience and peace of mind at work

Online reservations reduce the flow of phone calls, which contributes to a good work rhythm. The schedule is easy to draw and is always at hand in your smartphone or laptop.

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