The return of barbershops

Even in conditions of crushing competition, more and more salons focused on men's services are opening their doors to offer not just a haircut, but a complex experience for their clientele.

The return of barbershops

More than once we have written about a market filled with unimaginable potential in the field of the beauty segment - beauty and health services aimed specifically at men.

A phenomenon called barber shop is returning to the European market with terrible force. Barbershops, almost forgotten in time as a place for aesthetic services, but also as a center for socialization and relaxation, have become established over the past 10 years as a kind of trend that is yet to be discussed.

While many people in the industry watched the return of modern small barbershops with a slight sneer and predicted their rapid disappearance as another whim of metrosexual hipsters from major European cities, in 2021 the serious growth of barber shops is already a fact in Bulgaria.

What's more - even in a highly competitive environment - more and more men's service-focused salons are opening their doors to offer not just a haircut, but a complex experience for their clientele.

Of course, barbershops are nothing new. Traditional male grooming has its roots not only in European but also in Balkan culture, although in recent years it has been forgotten.

Dynamic market and new opportunities
As one of the most interesting trends in our country lately, this market is extremely dynamic. Many men return to traditional barber shops to enjoy the shaving ritual, but many of the clientele also take advantage of the exceptional capabilities of unisex salons. We can now see extremely durable sites that combine different styles and approaches to provide a proper experience and quality services for Bulgarian men. Especially in big cities like Sofia and Plovdiv, barbershops are permanently returning as part of the cityscape.

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