How to manage your aesthetic clinic with Fashion Point

How to manage all processes in an aesthetic clinic with the help of a unified digital system for reservations, facilitation of tasks and calculation of salary or fee.

How to manage your aesthetic clinic with Fashion Point

Developing and managing a popular aesthetic office or clinic can be a serious challenge if you do not have the right tools or experience. Businesses are becoming more dynamic and competition is intensifying in one of the fastest growing segments of the services market.

We at Fashion Point offer you an innovative system developed specifically for the needs of the management of aesthetic clinics, salons and private practices.

What Fashion Point can help you with

Fashion Point offers a comprehensive tool for control, management and statistics of reservations, but also real-time reporting of fees and / or salaries for your staff.

See how with Fashion Point you can easily manage various sites - from small practice to aesthetic clinics with a large flow of people, employees, mobile specialized equipment, more departments, sites and receptions. A product that will open you dozens of opportunities to save time and money, while ensuring the accuracy and security of your database. Information array for customers and employees, which helps you keep track of the status of various orders, requests and recorded hours with automatic notifications.

Fashion Point - detailed customer profiles

Create detailed customer profiles with advanced functionality and redirection of the information you need. You mark your data in the number of fields you need, through which you can search or organize into subgroups.

In your clients' "virtual card" you can mark exactly what you need to know how far you have come with a procedure, what services you have offered and what you can offer in the future.

Properly selected and organized, the contact information of your own array of customers gives you new opportunities for contact and marketing approaches to a specific customer base. This is a real find in the field of aesthetic procedures, where each client has a different profile and would benefit from different procedures or services.

Customers with a history

You have at all times a complete detailed chronology of the procedures performed or proposed. You record real-time details, customer wishes, recorded hours, as well as specific personalized information such as various measurements, photos, notes, preferred specialist, equipment used, number of procedures and much more.

Personal connection with your customers
Personal attitude is important, and even more important is to maintain professionalism and individual approach even when managing a large site with a significant flow of many different clients.

No unpleasant surprises - both you and your customers receive notifications of upcoming reservations, as well as an automated reminder of the need for the next procedure. Extremely useful feature, indispensable for procedures that require regular visits - such as laser hair removal.

Guarantee of accuracy and precision

Through the Fashion Point system you can easily organize the recorded hours, as well as track the occupancy of offices, halls and specialized equipment. You can now monitor and save a specialist's office, equipment and reservation from the same easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Some advantages

When working with a large portfolio of services and your team of specialists is constantly growing, it is important to be able to configure the connections between a specialist therapist, room or office, specialized machine, equipment or assistant at any time.

• Minimize the possibility of booking errors
• Reassignment of activity to another specialist or team
• Quick editing of prices and commissions for various services
• Easy re-booking, fast overbooking
• Automated notification when changing a reservation / time
• Possibility to enter and calculate turnover, commission from the given service, real-time calculation for preferential prices or price packages, discounts for loyal customers or bonus points by system

See a detailed presentation of FASHION POINT for aesthetic and cosmetic clinics

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